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Viña La Ronciere

Para ingresar a este sitio debes ser mayor de edad

To visit this site you must be of legal drinking age

Viña La Ronciere apoya el consumo responsable de alcohol, ya que hacerlo en exceso afecta la salud de mujeres embarazadas, jóvenes y altera las capacidades de los conductores.

Viña La Ronciere supports the responsible consumption of alcohol, as doing it excessively affects the health of pregnant women, young people and alters the capacities of drivers.

Our Icone wine

ICONO Wine from our Production and a tribute to our ancestors, who dedicated a whole life of work in the cultivation of our vineyards; leaving us a valuable legacy, a model of effort and tenacity for future generations.
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Long journeys selecting the most exclusive fruits of our vineyards, together with the commitment and self-mandate to achieve the perfection, have been the basis to produce this line of high-end wines. A patient waits, until reaching a wine of PREMIUM level with great body and harmony. QUIRÓN, the basis of our philosophy.
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Produced under the traditional "Champenoise" method, this sparkling NATURE is the result of a rigorous selection of the Chardonnay (50%) and Pinot Noir (50%) grapes, exposed to a delicate and careful elaboration during 18 months. Elegance, freshness and seductive acidity, are the seal of the highest quality.
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D.O Licantén

In the vineyards of Idahue Estate, located only 25 km from the Pacific Ocean in Licantén, this great high-end wine is born, with great body and elegance. The winemaking process was carried out in micro-fermentation tanks. Later, the wine was aged during 10 months in French oak barrels.
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We exalt the best of each variety to achieve a perfect balance and harmony. We invite you to discover the red fruits of Colchagua, the aromas and structure of Cachapoal, the freshness of Licantén. Together they offer us a exclusive and unique potential, which we bring together in this Grand Reserve line.
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Each dawn, since 1949, the cock’s crowing ushers in the new day for those that work at La Ronciere. Since then, we have worked to offer Chile and the world wines of top quality. Cantoalba is a special selection of the Winemaker because of its great personality and elegance.
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